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Marley Entertainment

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Founded in 2020, Marley Entertainment, LLC, an entity of Marley Enterprises, LLC, will offer a variety of music from various artists. We encourage artistic freedom and for artists to create art that is true to themselves. Marley Entertainment’s debuting artist is the diverse Katie Couture who defines herself as a “quirky, creative, and intelligent Gemini that’s a hopeless romantic.”  The founder and CEO of Marley Entertainment hopes to expand the company into movie production, with the first on its list based on Marley Publishing’s young adult fiction novel, Marley McGee the Majestic.

Katie Couture Logo 1.png


Katie Couture is a lyricist who is an avid music lover. Her music style transcends any specific genre. She writes and performs what she feels to be true to herself at the time she is creating her art. A true Gemini, Couture’s style could change at any moment to reflect her wavering thoughts and emotions. Constants that you will hear in Katie’s songs are symphonic sounds, accompanied by sounds of the acoustic and electric guitars, and jazz melodies. 

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