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K. E. Argrow
Marley Publishing’s Debut Author

K. E. Argrow is an author who first wrote a book in the third grade. Although, since then, the writer has written many works to include poetry, song lyrics, and children’s books, Marley McGee the Majestic is the author’s first published work. The magical writer, an Army Veteran and Master of Business Administration (MBA) holder, writes the following of the route back to pursuing authordom: “Life happens as it will and as it should. Dreams deferred come back to us at their intended times.” -K. E. Argrow

Marley McGee the Majestic
Marley Publishing’s Debut Novel

Marley McGee the Majestic is an enchanting young adult fiction novel. It features Marley McGee, who transforms from an average boy on his school summer break, to an extraordinary prince in a far away kingdom. The young prince is unwittingly propelled on a whimsical journey, where he finds inner strength and powers to face a sinister force.


Coming December 2020 

Marley Publishing, LLC

We offer books that are sure to captivate its readers. Marley Publishing, LLC is the publisher of the brilliant young adult fiction novel Marley McGee the Majestic by imaginative author K. E. Argrow. The Founder and CEO of the publishing company aspires to ascertain a level of prestige for Marley Publishing, LLC as has been gained by Scholastic Incorporated. More importantly, a goal for the publishing company is to promote and enhance literacy on a large scale.

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